Eagle Elementary

of Akron

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Who is Eagle Elementary?

At Eagle Elementary we believe all students should receive high quality education, personal growth, and a safe positive environment to reach their highest potential. We believe an education should serve its students in the real world by providing knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving skills. We believe that the development of self-respect, self-worth, and self-esteem can dramatically improve a child’s outlook and is just as important as academics.


Our Program 

Forward Focused Academics

Robust curriculum, effective teaching, and  access to resources that prepare students for the future

Connected Community

Development of self-worth and sense of social responsibility through helping others

Authentic Expression

The opportunity for self-expression, creativity, and passion through art, music, athletics, technology, and community


Student growth 

In 2017 Eagle Elementary was  graded A for overall student growth and value added


Life Skills

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Parent satisfaction

Eagle Elementary of Akron is ranked 4.9 out of 5 stars by our parents


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Meet Our Staff

Eagle Elementary of Akron is proud to employ an exceptional team of teachers, administrators, and support staff.

Click here to meet our 2019 - 2020 staff



Get Involved

Eagle Elementary of Akron believes that a close connection between home and school is crucial to student performance.  Every child needs stability, continuity, and a champion who believes in his or her potential.


Interested in volunteering at Eagle Elementary?  Download our volunteer agreement and email it to info@eagleelementary.org

Donate to Eagle Elementary

Its not only good for your taxes, but its good karma too!  Click below to learn how you can make a donation to Eagle Elementary and have it count as a tax deduction. 


Tatonka Education Services 

Tatonka Education Services is a private operator of charter schools that is a champion of academic excellence by supporting site-based School Leaders with the freedom and resources to focus on academic instruction.  

TES practices the method of Servant Leadership.
We believe that the on-site Staff and School Board know what is best for their school community.
We listen to your ideology, take time to understand the mission and vision of your school and we empower staff to meet and exceed your Charter goals and obligations. We are dedicated to the charter school movement and the immense impact it can have on the lives of children and the surrounding community.
— Carol Hansen, CEO, Tatonka Education Services