Nova O'Callaghan, Principal 

My name is Nova O’Callaghan and I am your child’s building principal. This is my sixth year at STEAM Academy and my twenty-second year in education.

I am originally from Sydney, Australia where I graduated with four degrees, a Bachelor of Teaching, Bachelor of Education, Master of Education and a Bachelor of Religious Education. I spent eight years teaching in Australia (grades 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6) of which my last two years I was the subject co-ordinator of Visual Arts, Dance, Music and Drama.

I relocated to the United States in 2005 and started working in July of 2005 at a charter school in Lorain. I taught kindergarten and first grade before being promoted to a curriculum specialist for a year, and then again was promoted to a national curriculum specialist. In this position I worked with schools in North East Ohio, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Atlanta, Michigan, and Arizona to provide professional development to teachers and work on school improvement. I have also served as a building principal in downtown Cleveland and Warren. 

I am a single mother to two children, one of whom is in middle school and the other in preschool. During my spare time I am usually running my son to basketball events and my daughter to ballet and tap classes. I enjoy working out, and just relaxing at home.

I truly believe that working with children is a passion and a calling. All children deserve the very best from us, and it is my goal to ensure that they receive the best education possible, that they flourish academically, and that they feel a sense of worth. I am honored to be with your children every day, being a part of their development as a citizen in our community.